No Honor Among Thieves


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Recorded semi-live in studio at 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor in beautiful Lawrence KS Dec 2010 by Mike West. We've been wanting to do this for 10 years! Finally it's here - hope you enjoy it!


released May 1, 2011

Calvin S. Bennett - Vocals, Electric Bass
Eric Mardis - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Pedal Steel
Ryan Johnson - Drums and Cymbals



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SNAKEBITE! Lawrence, Kansas

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Track Name: 14 Year Hangover

On this 14 year hangover,
feels like i'm being blown under
falling down again, seems like there was something
i should have told her
on this 14 year heartbreak, our lives were at stake
falling down again, keeps getting colder and colder

when i got back, to where i had been
i started up on vodka, started up on gin

to believe you were my friend
we couldn't end like we could begin
so i'm passed out on the floor again
Track Name: Old Grandma
I've been in business all my life
and I seek no penance for my crimes
I just wait to die

Unfurl the junkyard of my time
review the carnage and unwind
there'll be no sleep tonight

Now I'm stabbing at my eyes
sharpness reveals whats warm inside
old grandma holds the knife
Now I'm stabbing at my brain
knitting needle heals the pain
I'll never see you again
Track Name: Blue Rose
down in the garden, after the rain
she found the rose, she felt the pain
felt the sorrow, she saw the end
sweet dreams and innocence, never again

the nightingale, sings a sweet dark song
black dreams and wishes, carry me along
screams in the night, the vengeance is her
hoping the nightingale, is only a bird

i saw you baby, under the trees
you are a lady, you never see
tears you cry, run down my face
memories, of sin and lace
Track Name: Ghost Runner on First

Back in the days of youth with 2 friends of mine
we played the three man kickball all the time
and with the three man rules you cant avoid the fate
to call a ghost runner on first base

The yard in which we toiled was large
it backed up to the old man's barn lot
and he didn't like it when the ball would come is way
said "I'm gonna shoot you little bastards dead one day,
and you'll REALLY be a ghost runner on first..."

Well I remember well the day
me and Michael got Ed to play
with two in the field and one at bat,
the ghost runners carried the day
to score was 3 to 5 to 8

Then I saw old Edward take the plate
his eyes were filled with crazy kickball hate
and with malice, kicked it very far
it landed somewhere in the old man's yard

the old man's yard was death's door
overgrown, but we finally found the ball
as Edward grabbed it, a shot rang out -
blew a four inch hole in Ed
as we ran screaming, the old man said

"I told you little shits before,
don't kick the ball in my yard!
now you're little buddy is dead!!
Remember just what I said -
Track Name: Heaven Can Wait

wake me up in my dreams, so i'll know if this is real
god grants us gifts as these, our very souls to seal

as i'm walking down this lonely highway
think i'll find out if you might be going my way

took a chance, you took my hand
shooting up, on the burning sand
heart exploded for your love
i'm gonna see you in the air above
Track Name: Tomb of the Lizard King

Sakatha was a great lizard king
said to have powers stored in a ring
over swamp lands and plains lands
his minions, they spread
his very name filled all creatures with dread

To build his great tomb in the marsh,
many men died of slavery most harsh
his minions took all of our best for his altar
not for one moment did his bloody thirst falter

Deep in the ground,
He awaits...
to dine on human flesh
your pitiful group will be impaled
on stakes and disemboweled

His majesty steps forth
grips your heart in bloodied fist
your life snuffed out

and then there came the Great Count of Eyor
the greatest of heroes in those days of yore
he slew Sakatha at the battle of Wycombe
the lizard men carried their slaughtered chief home

and now he awaits in the cold sleep of death
his day of awakening, his first newborn breath
though deep in the ground his followers closed him,
he'll come back for vengeance
on those who opposed him
Track Name: Lonesome Road

well as i walk the lonesome road, thinking of my true love
she said forget about my dream love
you won't walk away with me love

and while you're on the lonesome road
don't forget about your true love
you just tie the ties that bind love
even though your love is so cold

lonesome road that goes right past your door
lonesome road is the one that you put me on

well now the hobo on the road
said he'd tell me everything he knows
says i'll never grow old
drinking on that road

and as i walk the lonesome road
thinking of my true love
understand my dream love
you gotta wait for that heaven above
Track Name: Descent

Found a way of being alone
gone so far from home
and if my mind is devoured by fate,
I'll ask why it came so late...

Claw my way back
wading through the blood
when the thickness flows
lean against the flood

As the darkness cradles me
voices speak the lies that please
the sky has turned all black with death
the mind crumbles into darkness

the mind is bleeding inside
the world is closing in
leaning to the flipside
indifferent to sin

Found a way of being alone
gone so far from home
and if my mind is devoured by fate,
I'll ask why it came so late...
Track Name: Necrophiliac

i'm a necrophiliac, and i know just where it's at
if you're dead, we'll have a chat
i'll poke you with my baseball bat

i'm a necrophiliac, so if you have a heart attack
i'll see you mouth, i'll see your ass
so drop your pants and get on your back

necrophiliac, your icy corpse on my nut sack

so if you're walking through the graveyard too
i'll be there, looking for a screw
icy skulls shine in the morning dew
you must be a necrophiliac too
Track Name: Al-Chi-Ho

At last I have found you
and I'll never let you go
a vision in a bottle
you love me too I know

When we're together I feel nothing
and that suits me just fine
my lovely mistress triad
liquor, beer, and wine

I'll embrace you 'til you're empty
then I'll toss you aside
got 12 more just waiting
ice cold blushing brides

I ain't proud and I ain't picky
most times I can barely see
that bitch goddess by the name of whiskey
has dug her claws in me
Track Name: Through the Window

you'll never get what you desire
you're walking thin out on the wire
why did you tell me twice
you started rolling the dice

i look through the window
and it's cold as ice

you'll baste in juices from the fire
the words you hear from a liar
and once you start to feel this sad
you're gonna find that a broken heart is not so bad
Track Name: +3 Vorpal Weapon
Your love is like a +3 Vorpal Weapon
I want to hit it like a double 20 crit.
Looking real good, got 18 charisma baby...
Roll the bones, you know what I need

Yeah I see you on the street
shaking your wild thing
for all the boys on Avenue B
Looking real good, got 18 charisma baby...
Roll the bones, you know what I need